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          Harbin University of science and technology was established in 1995 by Harbin University of science and technology, Harbin Institute of electrical engineering and Harbin Institute of technology, which was affiliated to the former Ministry of mechanical industry. In 1998, it was transferred to Heilongjiang Province, and implemented a management system of Co Construction between the central government and local governments, with the focus on local government. In 2008, it was identified as the key construction in the construction plan of Heilongjiang Province with strong higher education One of the top ten universities. The original three universities were founded in the 1950s. After nearly 70 years of development, the university has become a teaching and research university with nine disciplines of economy, management, philosophy, literature, law, education, art, etc. coordinated development, strong school running strength and distinctive characteristics. In 2003, it was awarded "excellent school of undergraduate teaching evaluation" by the Ministry of education. In 2008, it was approved by the Ministry of education to implement the "national innovative experiment plan for college students". In 2011, it was selected as one of the first batch of universities in the "central and western basic capacity building project". In the same year, it was awarded the honorary title of "national typical experience university for graduate employment" by the Ministry of education, and approved as "excellent engineer education and training plan University" by the Ministry of education. In 2015, it became a University jointly established by the people's Government of Heilongjiang Province and the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense. In 2018, it was selected as the "double first-class" University Construction University in Heilongjiang Province, and the "Engineering" discipline entered the top 1% discipline list of ESI for the first time.

          The university has 4 school districts in total, including 3 in the East, West and south of Harbin, and Rongcheng campus of Harbin University of technology in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province. The school covers a total area of 2.0986 million square meters and 956000 square meters of teaching infrastructure. The library has a collection of 2.56 million books, 1.12 million e-books, 160000 Chinese and foreign periodicals and 26 kinds of literature databases. At present, there are 2705 teaching and administrative staff, including 1752 full-time teachers, 1344 associate vocational and above personnel, 1 academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, 14 provincial famous teachers, 33496 full-time students and nearly 200 international students.

          The university has 18 colleges, 1 teaching department, 1 teaching practice center, 63 undergraduate majors, 8 national first class characteristic majors, 3 National "excellent engineer education and training plan" pilot majors, 1 national undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot major, 19 provincial key majors, 16 provincial first-class undergraduate major construction points approved in 2019, 6 provincial-level There are 8 first level disciplines authorized for doctoral degree and 28 second level disciplines authorized for doctoral degree. There are 22 first level disciplines authorized for master's degree and 98 second level disciplines authorized for master's degree. 10 professional master's degree authorization categories, 25 master's degree authorization fields and 5 national defense characteristic disciplines. Seven disciplines, including electrical engineering, instrument science and technology, material science and engineering, mechanical engineering, management science and engineering, business management, computer science and technology, have a post doctoral research flow station. High voltage and insulation technology is a national key discipline, and there are 10 provincial key disciplines. There are 11 provincial and ministerial level key laboratories (engineering centers), among which, "Heilongjiang dielectric Engineering Key Laboratory - national key laboratory cultivation base jointly built by the provincial and ministry" passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology and was rated as "excellent", "Heilongjiang high efficiency cutting and cutting tool technology Engineering Laboratory" was approved as "high efficiency cutting and cutting tool national and local joint" by the national development and Reform Commission Engineering Laboratory "," advanced electrical equipment manufacturing and intelligent operation Collaborative Innovation Center "is the first batch of" 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center "in Heilongjiang Province. There are six key laboratories in Heilongjiang Province, "Heilongjiang Key Laboratory of advanced processing technology and intelligent manufacturing" and "Heilongjiang Key Laboratory of medical biomechanics and materials" have passed the first batch of records of Heilongjiang Key Laboratory. There are four engineering research centers jointly built by universities and enterprises in Heilongjiang Province and one Architectural Design Institute with grade a qualification; one National University Science Park, three national experimental teaching demonstration centers, six national engineering practice education centers, and two national off campus practice education bases for college students. There are 1 national quality resource sharing course and 2 national quality video open courses.









      ADDRESS:No. 16, middle development avenue, Haian Development Zone, Jiangsu Province